VNDA Coin Just Entered the Real World

VNDA stable coin launched mainly targeted for Vietnam market, however, it is still a crypto stable coin , a decentralized network and it is open for anyone who has interested to own it, from investors, businessperson, traders, merchants, or anyone who has related to Vietnam market, can purchase VNDA stable coin as another type of currency.

VNDA Coin Just EnteredVNDA Coin Just EnteredVNDA Coin Just EnteredVNDA Coin Just Entered


For Exchanges

By offering VNDA, an exchange can relieve the complications as above mentioned and gain benefits, such as:

Accept crypto-fiats as deposit/withdrawal/storage method rather than using a legacy bank or payment provider.
Outsource fiat custodial risk to VNDA - just mange cryptos.
Secure customer assets purely through accepted crypto-processes,


For Individuals

Individual can purchase VNDA in various exchanges and transfer to their wallets or exchanges easily.

Transact inVND/fiat value without any middlemen.
Avoid the risk of storing fiat on exchange - move crypto-fiat in and out of exchange easily.
Individual can convert the VNDA to fiat easily and withdraw from their own bank account.


LOCALVND.COM is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2021

Is LOCALVND.COM right for you?

It serves everyone who wants to invest and trade. Holders and traders can purchase or withdraw VNDA coins with Vietnam Dong, and soon fiats and other cryptocurrencies are accepted on LOCALVND.COM

Buy, sell or store VNDA and other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin
Mobile access, tailor-made for Windows and MacOS
Digital storage, and customer support
Low trading and transaction fees
High security and reliability


VNDA is a stable coin built on Tron standard TRC-20

and soon will issue on Ethereum and Binance Chain.

VNDA stable coin is mainly targeted for Vietnam market, in a decentralized network. However, anyone still can own it as another type of currency.The launched of VNDA will bring an ease to digital assets traders. Exchange operator accepting fiat deposits and withdrawals using legacy financial systems can be complicated, risky, slow and expensive.

Accept crypto-fiats as deposit/withdrawal/storage method rather than using a legacy bank or payment provider.
Outsource fiat custodial risk to VNDA - just mange cryptos.
Secure customer assets purely through accepted crypto-processes.
Holding VNDA will help in earn you extra tokens.


VNDA Coin Solution

Stable Currency

VNDA Coin converts cash into digital currency, to anchor or Tron the value to the price of national currencies like the Vietnamese Dong, the Euro, and the offshore Chinese yuan.

Secure Ecosystem

VNDA Coin powered by TRC-20 blockchain-enabled technology delivers world-class security while meeting international compliance standards and regulations.

Exchange for other crypto currency

Launching of LocalVND will enable VNDA holders buying and selling of digital assets easily via online platform. The exchange guarantees that users experience safety and security while transacting.

Protection Against Fraud

Every VNDA Coin token is always 100% backed by our reserves, which include traditional currency and cash equivalents and, from time to time, may include other assets.


Road Map VNDA Coin

Q3 2019
Idea Concept ,Basic Employment Smart Contracts Templates Development.
June 2021
VNDA issued on TRC-20 into the TORN blockchain. VNDA incorporate with Tron Link wallet.
July 2021
VNDA Launched on Various notable social media platforms.
August 2021
VNDA Website launched, most exciting milestone. VNDA Coins listed in JustSwap.
September 2021
VNDA Exchange is up, please buy VNDA and withdraw Vietnam Dong at localvnd.com.
November 2021
VNDA IEO (localvnd)
Q3 2021
Second & Third Phase Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Q4 2021
Listings on Poloniex Exchange. Open for trade and exchange.
Q1 2022
Listed in SpectroCoin Exchange, Open for trade and exchange.


How it Works


Open VNDA Account

Open VNDA account on LocalVnd!




Buy VNDA in LocalVnd and multiple secure payment method.


Store VNDA

VNDA will store in Tron Link secure wallet and Wallet Hardware


Buy or sell orders

Start transact in localvnd or keep VNDA and start earn extra tokens


VNDA Coin Token Distribution

  • Name:VNDA Coin TRC20
  • Purchase methods accepted:VND, TRX, USDT, ETH,
Hard cap24.000 TRX
Soft cap4.000 TRX
Cost of 1 VNDA Token1.00000 VND
  • New Token emissions:TRC-20
  • Bonus system:Yes
  • Presale of Private Sale:Not held
  • Know Your Customer (KYC):Yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap:0.01 TRX / No limit
  • Whitelist:YES
  • 45% Distribute to Community
  • 15% Reserved Funding
  • 35% Founders and Team
  • 15% Advisors


What is VNDA coin?

VNDA coin is a crypto stable coin and currency in decentralized network, similar to other digital money, can be exchange with fiat and other cryptocurrencies.

What is the value of VNDA coin?

VNDA coin is fully reserved on a 1:1 basis with Vietnam Dong. (1 VNDA = 1 VND)

Why should I Buy VNDA coin?

Because it is a simple investment with great potential in the future. Besides, VNDA can use for hedging risk on cryptocurrency with high volatility as VNDA has low volatility and can be exchange or swap easily.

How can I buy VNDA coin?

There are 3 ways to buy VNDA Coin:
• Swap with other cryptocurrencies on JustSwap.
• Contact our OTC desk @vndaotcsupport on Telegram.
• Exchange fiat to VNDA coin on localvnd.com

Who are entitled to buy VNDA coin?

VNDA is open for anyone who interested to own it, from investors, traders, businessperson to merchants, everyone can purchase VNDA stable coin as they wish.

Where can I know more about VNDA coin?

You can visit our website on vnda.cc and join our telegram @vndastablecoin as well as our other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Reddit and Medium.


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